FORMING A HEALTHY ZEITGEIST: We can only succeed by sharing a moral basis for living within the natural world order. If we want to exist in peace, without fear, sorrow and sickness, it is necessary to share a mutually rewarding knowledge and purpose for our energies. To function as an orchestrated group we must know the nature of what we are, our purpose, and our limitations to that primary purpose. The Precepts Of Civilization are a doctrine of essential understanding about life, and the credo of responsible self-governance in an Interdependent Universe.



To define the basis of Civilization, quality questions need to be asked in order to fashion a quality declaration of answers: How few precepts are necessary to establish a complete set of core values for success? Will they be perceived as truth? Will the language be precise enough to deny fault or misinterpretation? Will they be magnetic and undeniably appealing to people the world over? Will people indeed believe them a verdant set of principles that matter in all things? Will these principles be written so young children can understand them? Should these precepts be qualified in detail? Will they inspire people to believe in the power of themselves? Will they resonate within people to believe in the combined power of the collective? Will they inspire us to become civilized?


The Preeminent Precepts Of Civilization


Precept 1: We Am Inseparable Sentient Expressions Of A Singular Cosmic Complex As Ourself


Precept 2: It Is Our Shared Purpose And Responsibility To Co-Discover And Co-Create A Healthy Society


Precept 3: Planetary Resource Limitations Are Acknowledged Respected And Conserved


Precept 4: Freedom Is Birthright To Improvise Life Infinitely Within A Loving Boundary


Precept 5: Success Depends On Allegiance To These Precepts And No Others


Precept 6: Belief In The Synergy Of These Understandings Is Here Named: Planetism


This Declaration serves as dependable foundation to human success as planetary stewards and cohabitants. They provide our basis in fact, establishing purpose, and eternal reference points for an intended quality of evolution. They define the context, fabrication, and maintenance of a genuine civilization. They address the most fundamental principles in protecting life Universally. In doing so, they declare boundaries that life thrives within. These revelations are valid for all humanity regardless of geographic location, national form of governance, political mindset, ethnic group, religious affiliation, sex and age. They are not a list of things to choose from. They are obligatory knowledge and sacred principles to honor in exchange for the gift of consciousness in human form.


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