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Namasté… I introduce myself as Mark Smollin, a Cosmic expression, the product of two creative parents, an evolutionary, a truth-seeking Earthling, a male human-being, part of you and everything there is, residing in California, USA, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Sagittarius Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Galactic Cluster, of the Singularity called Universe. Call into Pacific Standard Time landline to reach me > 10am: 626 584 3997
Portrait of Mark Smollin, Evolutionary Thinker, Author and Speaker 2012.
I am compelled to write and speak publicly about The Precepts Of Civilization as the philosophy of Planetism because I was lied to as a child. At age fourteen it became clear that adult society was making hollow excuses for its failure to manage our species responsibly. Based on my American public education, our western style of culture is based upon forms of exploitation that insult every moral and constitutional principle. I am dedicating the rest of my life to exposing the fraud of Global Econopolitics, and offering the method to escape the prison of capitalism.


If you are one of the angels among us running a benevolent non-profit, or a green business, I want to convince you to start branding those efforts in supporting Planetism. Doing so will reveal your wisdom in supporting the only healthy alternative to a criminal culture. It will also become a visual symbol to build a publicly recognizable network of people with clear intentions to cocreate good things in the global culture.


I am an advocate for altruism in all things, so you are invited to join me in cocreating a true civilization. I come offering marketing assets for this purpose to include; compelling truth for the characteristics of a healthy global culture, communication designs as solutions to faulty thinking, designs for corrective action, graphic product decoration, and social media graphics.


I welcome inquiries from anyone who can assist me establishing Planetism in public consciousness. I need philanthropic supporters, publishers, programmers, attorneys, and many more. Sincere advice will be cherished.


  Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated and support completion of my book.


Writing has been my focus for the past sixteen years, producing two-dozen books for children, publishing the full collection of my mother’s Poetic Works, and an historic picture-book about how electric-music changed my hometown of Westport Connecticut called: The Real Rock & Roll High School 1960-1975.


I have visited every one of the continental United States, and sixteen European countries. These experiences have shaped the best part of my character, compassion and understanding of different cultural traditions. My most exciting educational experiences have come from travel, so I dream of visiting many other places and people before I transform.


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