CIVILIZATION: is a group of people living harmoniously with each other and nature; without chaos, cruelty, crime, selfishness, tyranny and other forms of immoral behavior: A harmless culture: A healthy culture: A peaceful society. This is the desire that burns in the hearts of many. Let us now become truly civilized. Let us make peace with indomitable passion.
Peace is a Natural quality of existence characterized by; balance, goodness, humility, hopefulness, satisfaction, creativity, caring and wellbeing.  Live and work peacefully.



What started as a book to define the objectives and limitations of our species for the first time, it is much more than that, as Bill McKibbon pointed out. It is a movement to catch uncivilization in freefall of environmental and social collapse. Apparently the Golden Rule has not been respected to prevent the ubiquitous corruption of life for private gain. In the absence of rational; behavior, credos, manifestos, and constitutions, it is vitally important to document the specific and obligatory requirements to sustaining human life on Earth indefinitely.


A series of pages is presented here to publish the essence of my message to the world prior to completion of a detailed text. Only six basic facts (Precepts) are required to live fully in the best possible health. From these essential truths all goodness is produced. They are standards of the highest order to be protected by our sacred civil responsibility. These fundamental principles of civilization are the target of our migration from capitalism to Planetism. There is nothing more important to understand and accomplish than becoming civilized, which means ending the tolerance of selfish savagery.


Please contact me if you would like to join this effort for constructive unification.

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