…The Only Basis Of Global Health…

Planetism Is Unity In Belief That Global biological health is the highest repsonsibility to Ourself.

Planetary health is the essence of our future. Planetism is the only viable replacement for our ancient cultural heritage of institutionalized crime. We cannot expect a better result by keeping capitalsim as the basis of culture. A reasonable level of civil security cannot be accomplished by protecting some isolated patch of ground, sky, or water, from other privateers. We are the only creatures that threaten the biosphere and only We can end that threat by demonstrating the capacity for self-restraint. If one truly cares about family and the splendors of life, then one must defend all life in the biosphere as our first allegiance. If we are to meet civil responsibility, then it is necessary to frame our minds with the bigger picture of factual reality and adapt them to the spirit of Planetism.

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