Precept 6: Belief In The Synergy Of These Understandings Is Here Named: Planetism

Planetism: Unity in belief that humanity can only succeed when it chooses global biological health as the highest fundamental goal all people can share. Planetism is the rational basis of self-governance for the personal actions of every Earthling, and every human organization, which no individual can legitimately oppose. It is strikingly simple and easy to understand. Let it be taught. Let it be the reason to learn to truly live. Let it be the only reason for toil.


Another word for Planetism is Earthism: Holding highest regard for the Natural balance of life and resources on Earth. However, Planetism extends consciousness beyond our spaceship to respect any planetary system supporting sentient life. This doctrine comes from knowledge that humanity belongs to the Earth and cannot thrive in an unhealthy biosphere. This truth inspires alignment of human activity and institutions to protect the greatest and most important context in which we live. It requires that we do no harm to the planet or each other. It is pro-life inclusively.


There are many [sch] isms that currently splinter humanity. The battle of the isms is a NO-WIN proposition because they all represent a subjective position that is divisive of our species. Fascism, Totalitarianism, Feudalism, Socialism, Libertarianism, and Communism are concepts that have not actually come into existence, because they have all been contaminated and governed by Capitalism. Nationalism, Chauvinism, Feminism, Misogynism, Misandrism, Hedonism, and Racism, are different forms of blind and pointless Exceptionalism. Christianism, Islamism, Judaism, Taoism, Paganism, Polytheism, Sikhism are all forms of religious Sectarianism. Believing in any of these isms, or joining any gangs that preach separation, is an act of aggression and declaration of war against all other ignorant gangs, and none of them teaches respect for interdependence of our environmental cooperative. Pantheism, Holism, Gaianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, attempt to respect the greater whole, yet none are adequate or complete guidance for our species. Planetism is the alternative to them all. Choose the Oneness of Ourself over the attachment to separateness. Be a Planetist!


It is hard to reason why people have tried so hard to misrepresent themselves in a group philosophy that excludes the full breadth of our species, while completely omitting primary respect for the Earth as a complete set of life. It indicates an immature mind that conceives a single benefit to be reaped from a statement of exclusion. Let us stop our endless bickering over to how to abuse and divide each other systemically, captive to a culture whose methods cannot be redeemed. Let us become serious advocates for principles guaranteed to succeed in Natural Concert. We need to bring people together around the concept of "Planetism" by any name or description that is healthy and all-inclusive. When everybody wins, everybody wins! Harmony is the absence of ego.


We can know from this time forward, as it has always been, that anyone speaking on behalf of a group that attempts to separate itself from the larger society, is indeed a threat to that society and the greater world. Please do not join a legalized criminal gang within the prison of capitalism. Do not take sides in a disagreement. Go straight down the middle and be an advocate for Universal wellbeing.


Any mentally damaged person that will proudly proclaim they stand in opposition to cocreating a healthy society should be rescued… Rushed immediately to the nearest United Global Soul Saving office for a free therapeutic selfishness reduction procedure… Followed by 30 days of Nature-Biodiversity-Symbiosis-Appreciation, 30 days of field trips into Nature, and finally… Gratitude injections, so s/he understands how fortunate it is to have any brain at all!


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