The symptoms of human corruption divide and pit us against one another within the prison of financial meritocracy. The institutionalized structure of this enslavement is the basis of western criminal culture, which cannot be legitimized for the pointless destruction and death it brings. Escape from this selfish suicide requires elimination of ownership, artificial wealth, and central forms of power.

CHILDISHNESS: Mom, she ate all the cookies… You ate all the cake yesterday! He pulled my hair!… She kicked me first! She took my children!… You cheated on me! They took our land!… You have to pay taxes. That gold isn't yours!… Get a job! He raped our village!… After he poisoned our wells! We have bows and arrows… Oh yea, we have guns. My boat is better than yours!… My plane is better than yours! You bombed our ships!… You nuked us back! They took all our savings!… But they are inferior people! Their toxins are killing us!… You mined the coal! Stop it this instant!… ALL OF YOU!



The period in history when people gathered in permanent settlements is commonly referred to as the 'dawn of civilization.' Since that time, all empires have been born by deliberate piracy through war, driven by financial meritocracy, ruled by tyranny, and accidentally killed by gluttony. The uber-rich of every era have led the charge to trample every birthright in the plunder and poisoning of Earth. They have used every tactic of fraud and bigotry to divide humanity into classes of enemies. Their money has been used to hire gangs of minions willing to execute the most despicable and immoral acts imaginable, endlessly. Technological innovation creates the illusion of progress, but we remain the most savage animals. Daily news confirms we are participants in Un-civilization!


We are on a journey to codiscover the Root Of All Goodness. Just as every first-grader is told classroom-rules-of-conduct on the first day, we need a set of limiting guidelines that do not interfere with cultural, religious, and geographic differences among people. However, any constitution or system will fail if people are not willing work within the spirit of its intent and choose to defy the rules of coexistence. Playground teachers will not stand for kids doing harm to each other, so there is no reason to tolerate the childish behavior of adults either. Laws are not effective in constraining adult sociopaths produced by our dysfunctional society. It is time to mature as a species.


Do not accept any misrepresentation of these truths as masked by religious teaching, economic myth, political charade, esoteric philosophy, patriotism, or bigotry.


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