The truth of your existence has been cocreated over billions of years of Cosmic evolution. The emergence of humans is made possible because of the collective diversity of living organisms working in concert collectively, as a network of interdependence. These miracles are a perpetual blessing bestowed upon you beginning with your birth. It is stunning to have human powers of sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell, and a brain to witness the glory of life. In exchange for these gifts, it seems fitting that we operate from a position of gratitude for these gifts to protect the sanctity of all life. To choose otherwise is irresponsible and utterly savage. Rejecting this truth about Mother is suicidal.


Nature's Contract: Whatever you do… Wherever you live… Wherever you work… Wherever you visit… You have a personal responsibility as co-steward of the Garden Planet to respect and protect Earth's natural processes and all life as Yourself.
Nature's Contract


1] Take responsibility as an Earthling   14] Cocreate local co-op businesses
2] Have fewer children and grandchildren   15] Be as green and self-reliant as possible
3] Do not deceive children about life   16] Spend money only on necessities
4] Assume Planetism as your 1st job   17] Do more with less, consume less
5] Plan to quit your job at a criminal firm   18] Grow your own food
6] Journey to facilitate civilization   19] Don’t spoil yourself too much
7] Do not take sides in political folly   20] Be less comfortable
8] Patronize only responsible businesses   21] Be a whistleblower
9] Sign petitions against criminal activity   22] Explain, don’t complain, don’t lie
10] Vote, Write, Call representatives   23] Worship the magnificent Biosphere
11] Attend city meetings, build community   13] Learn about social and technical innovation
12] Participate in worthy group causes   24] Love yourself most of all


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