I strive to create products that bring beauty, amusement, and consciousness to our living experience. My name says what I do, so there is no way I can ignore the artist that dwells within, or prevent myself from exploring the universe of possibilities in the act of painting and digital design. To some people art may seem like a mystery, or magic, yet I see it as a process of discrimination, eliminating things that are less good in favor of those that are wonderful!


Portrait of Mark Smollin

Mark Smollin is an American painter whose works reflect a flair for creating compositions that combine a reverence for concept, design, form, color relationships, line, and different techniques in a single piece. His signature approach to the process of representational painting allows areas of the canvas to evolve at different rates with contrasting qualities that culminate in a dramatic and stimulating result.


“Painting is a mistress that holds my attention.”


The artist is currently evolving a contemporary series of environmental cloud paintings that illuminate interior spaces like windows connecting us to the ubiquitous sky. They focus of the splendor of the weather, illustrating how clouds add spice to our vistas, preserving special displays of nature indigenous to our lives, and documenting unusual atmospheric conditions rarely painted. Each piece has its own personality utilizing a variety of surfaces, mediums and techniques to herald clouds for their own magnificence, and relevance to the health of our environment.


Mark spent his childhood in Westport Connecticut where he was inspired by creative parents, Cornelia and Michael, famous local artists, and an exceptional high school art teacher who revealed the creative consciousness that motives the making of great artwork. Following his initial interest in graphics, three years of experimental portrait painting were conducted in the hall closet after work. It was only big enough to place a card table inside, so self-imposed assignments were performed sitting or standing in the hallway. Mark embarked on a three-month tour of Europe, visiting all major museums in sixteen countries, photographing architecture and sculpture, and witnessing the basis of western art history prior to college. He graduated from Art Center College of Design as an illustration major and makes his home in Pasadena California. His paintings have been reproduced in national publications, supporting the advertising industry, book publishers, motion picture studios, actors and musical talents. He is the recipient of awards from the Society Of Illustrators New York, the Society Of Illustrators Los Angles and the California Art Club among others.


Mark is now focused on producing compelling paintings and books. You can follow him on Facebook and twitter. Drop by the Artscape Gallery in Pasadena for a tour of the studio to see his latest creations.


background photo: looking east across the San Gabriel Valley taken above the Rosebowl 2010:10:10